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We believe everyone deserves a beautiful home that will appeal to buyers, homeowners, or renters without sacrificing their savings. Our approach to home styling is focused on DIY techniques and affordable solutions that can transform any space into a stunning oasis.

 Save Thousands!

If you’re looking for affordable and effective ways to stage your home and attract buyers, look no further than DIY Affordable Home Staging & More. We provide expert advice and DIY home staging solutions to help you get your home market ready while saving you thousands of dollars!
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Let's Get It Sold!

Staged homes usually sell faster and for more money according to the National Association of Realtors. But first, you need to get buyers in the door. We do that by making the home appeal to anyone so that buyers can picture themselves living in the home. Working together we will make your home outshine its unstaged competition!
Staged home sold

Budget Friendly!

With DIY Affordable Home Staging & More LLC, you can achieve the perfect balance between budget-friendly and beautiful design. Whether you're looking to sell your home or simply redesign your existing living space, we have the skills and expertise needed to guide you through the process. Browse our projects to see some amazing transformations.​
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